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10 hours ago
Amazing support with a lovely lady on the Phone. I have been setting up a home network and had a few queries about Ethernet Cable (specifically CAT6 Cable) and some of the factors of this cable and making sure it was a solid copper core conductor as opposed to PVC which is poorer by comparison. I decided to ring up and spoke to a lovely lady on the phone who was able to resolve every single one of my queries without fault. We spoke about Ethernet Cabling, then some Ethernet Switches and how I might go about Rack Mounting these Switches, then we spoke about Rack Mount Cabinet Cases and she took the time to go through what the U Sizes meant (1U, 2U, 4U, 9U etc.) and even helped me find a shelf that would fit into the Rack Mount Cabinet. I even got a discount code!Superb Service, I am absolutely amazed by the wonderful, kind, caring and detailed service that I received by this colleague, she is a Star!! I will 100% be Returning to CableMonkey in the near future to purchase more equipment, such as cabling, racks, and adapters! :-D
10 hours ago
Easy simple transaction, delivery was very fast and quality products, just the job, just one note, the network cable was a nice purple colour which is easily identifiable but it maybe not to everyones taste.
11 hours ago
Supplied what I needed, quickly and at the right price..

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SC Fibre Connectors & Adapters

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SC Fibre Optic Connectors and Adapters available in Multimode & Singlemode
  • SC Fibre Optic Connectors available in Multimode & Singlemode options

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    The SC connector is one of the most popular connectors used today. It can be seen in every area of the communications environment, from a telecoms distribution room to a Local Area Network closet. The SC connector has set the standard for optical fibre connectors. SC connectors are manufactured using the best quality components and they exceed all areas of the standards covering optical fibre connectors. The one-piece design features pre-radiused ceramic ferrules, and are suitable for use with two part heat curing epoxies and cold cure... More Info

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  • SC Bulkhead Adapter available in Simplex/Duplex, Singlemode & Multimode Options

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    The SC adaptor set the standard for optical fibre interconnects. More Info

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  • For use with 2 SC Simplex Connectors

    £0.90 £1.08 Inc VAT.

    Use the clip to hold the simplex connectors together, making them Duplex style. More Info

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