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Wide range of cables meant I could buy everything I needed and it was delivered in less than 2 days with free postage. Great quality cables too.
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Easy to order, fast delivery, great service. Very helpful when you contact them for information about products. Just great service all round.
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Great service good quality product, but bit pricy.

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  • This visual fault locator gives a continuous or pulse of red light.

    £120.00 £144.00 Inc VAT.

    Refraction of the 650nm red light caused by any breaks and or cracks in the fiber will glow red, thus giving an exact visual location of the fault in the fiber. Features: Comes with 2.5mm Adapter (ST, SC, FC connector) Robust and handy design Dust-free cup to protect LD Continuous/Pulse mode options  Emitting LD 650 nm visible red light Low voltage battery warning signal in led More Info

  • 2 GHz DSX-8000 Cat 8 CableAnalyzer: Versiv Main & Remote + DSX Copper Cat 8 modules...

    £10,486.00 £12,583.20 Inc VAT.

    The DSX CableAnalyzer Series copper test solution enables testing and certification of twisted pair cabling for up to 40 Gigabit Ethernet deployments and will handle any cabling system whether it is a Cat 5e, 6, 6A, 8 or Class FA and I/II. Certifying a cable is one part of a process that starts with system design and ends with system acceptance. The faster that process goes, the more profitable you’ll be. Unfortunately, there are a lot of things that slow the process down – setting up the tester incorrectly, testing to the wrong limits,... More Info

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  • Set of LC, SC & ST Test Adapters

    £210.00 £252.00 Inc VAT.

    Fluke NFA More Info

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  • Quick Clean Cleaner 1.25 mm Fiber, LC and MU, 5 Pack

    £275.00 £330.00 Inc VAT.

    Fluke QuickClean-1.25-5P More Info

  • LinkSprinter LSPRNTR-300

    £340.30 £408.36 Inc VAT.

    LinkSprinter is a pocket-sized Ethernet tester that provides complete end-to-end network connectivity testing and automated cloud-based reporting all with the touch of a button. LinkSprinter is used by PC help desk, front line technicians, network engineers and many others, to validate network connectivity, cable, and that power is correctly being applied to PoE powered devices. Simply connect an Ethernet cable and the LinkSprinter goes to work checking the connection path from wall jack to internet, and in less than 10 seconds, you’ll know... More Info

  • The Pocket Socket Tester is the ideal tool to check continutity and connectivity

    £25.00 £30.00 Inc VAT.

    The Connectix Pocket Socket Tester is a quick, easy to use tool to verify connectivity. Its unique snap-together design makes it easy to take on-site. The tester gives an instant indication of the connections present, because its four bi-colour LEDs indicate the status of the pairs in the cabling. A separate indicator also shows the shield connection for shielded systems. The circuitry has been specially designed to identify crossover patch cords. But the tester is equally suited to check a single patch cord or a complete channel. Features:... More Info

  • Voice, Data and Video Cable Verifier

    £195.00 £234.00 Inc VAT.

    The new VDV II Series are easy to use cable testers that check the integrity of copper cables commonly found in domestic, commercial or industrial voice, data or video installations, including telephone wiring, data network and video/security cabling. Employing state-of-the-art technology, VDV II offers functionality not previously available in a wiremapper. The advanced wiremap engine accurately displays complex wiring faults instantaneously whilst TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry) aids troubleshooting and improves on-site productivity.... More Info

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  • Universal 2.5mm ferrule to 1.25mm adaptor

    £39.90 £47.88 Inc VAT.

    Universal 2.5mm ferrule to 1.25mm adaptor Compatible to SC/ST/FC/LC connectors Visibility to 3 Km More Info

  • 1 GHz DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer: Versiv Main & Remote + DSX Copper  (2) modules

    £9,202.00 £11,042.40 Inc VAT.

    Fluke DSX-5000 INTL More Info

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  • Singlemode Simplex Test Reference Cord (TRC) Kit

    £151.00 £181.20 Inc VAT.

    Fluke SRC-9-KIT More Info

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  • Quick Clean Cleaner 1.25 mm Fiber, LC and MU, Single

    £67.00 £80.40 Inc VAT.

    Fluke QuickClean-1.25-1P More Info

  • LinkRunner LRAT-1000

    £891.34 £1,069.61 Inc VAT.

    Network technicians and desktop support professionals are under everincreasing pressure to deploy new infrastructure and ensure user satisfaction.To address these challenges, LinkRunner™ AT Network Auto-Tester provides quick and complete copper and fiber-optic network connectivity testing. This rugged, handheld network tester speeds troubleshooting and reporting with a complete one-button AutoTest and zero-touch Link-Live cloud reporting. The AutoTest performs your required set of connectivity tests in 10 seconds, enabling you to quickly and... More Info

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