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Cable Management is the key to any successful installation. Keeping cables tidy will allow allow simple tasks like repatching to be as quick a possible. We stock a complete range of Cable Management accessories from Cable Tidy Bars to Cable Dump and Brush Strip Panels

  • 1u Horizontal & Vertical 5 Ring Cable Tidy Panel

    19" Cable Management Bar with Horizontal and Vertical Cable Rings

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    19" Cable Tidy, suitable for mounting on all 19" data cabinets and server racks, allowing cables to be neatly routed. The vertical cable rings create an ideal bend radius for the cables and greatly assists keeping the rack neat.These Cable Management Panels are designed to give extra support for patch leads and prevents obscurring other equipment. These Panels are designed to prevent cable strain. Makes installation neater and more professional More Info

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  • Plastic Cable Dump Panels

    19" Cable Dump Panels, available in 1u and 2u sizes

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    Plastic Cable Dump Panels provide Ideal cable management keeping network cables tidy whilst allowing them to be fed through to the back of the network cabinet.Metal Cable Dump panels available upon request. More Info

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  • 19" Cabinet Blanking Panels

    Blanking panels for 19" cabinets, available in 1u and 2u

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    These 19" cabinet blanking panels are ideal for keeping your cabinet neat, tidy and working efficiently by blanking off any unused space. When used in an environment with servers, they will help stop front to back air movement within the cabinet, protecting your servers from warm air from the rear of the cabinet. More Info

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  • Cable Management Bar

    Optional cable management bar for 24 Port Elite Panels

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    Optional Cable management bar for use with Elite Patch Panels (009-001-009-09 and 009-001-009-07) Picture shows Elite Panel with management bar fitted More Info

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I am a first-time customer. In short, I am mightily impressed by Cable Monkey's performance. Its customer service is excellent as well as the quality of its products and the product information provided to prospective customers to enable them to make informed decisions about the potential purchase. I initially made an error with the details of my purchase. In my attempt to rectify the error, Cable Monkey was immediately available on the phone, the telephone agent was very pleasant, efficient and competent and the error was resolved and remedied in seconds. Not only that, my order was placed late in the business day yet the products arrived the following morning. Also, early in the morning of the delivery day, the courier/package carrier provided me with advance notice of the estimated delivery time with a 2 hour window. I highly recommend Cable Monkey. It provides a stress free, seamless service and is deserving of commercial success. Thank you for your excellent service Cable Monkey.
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First time user and would thoroughly recommend… easy to look for ‘stuff’ easy to pay and delivery is either before of on the day they say. A****
3 days ago
Clear description of products on the website and prompt delivery of orders.
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