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Epson Network Cards & Adapters

Epson Network Cards & Adapters

Inside Epson Network Cards & Adapters

  • Network Image Express Card

    £146.29 £175.55 Inc VAT.

    This hardware scanner server enables users to share the power of their EPSON scanner easily and efficiently. The EPSON Network Image Express replaces the need for a PC to host the Scan Server software. If the clients, whether Windows or Mac based, have EPSON Twain Pro Network V1.7 or later installed they can access a scanner through Network Image Express to make full use of all the scanner features. More Info

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  • USB Interface

    £57.53 £69.04 Inc VAT.

    The UB-U03II USB Interface from Epson® enhances your printer port capacity by allowing you to connect up to 127 peripheral devices to a single USB controller. Offering communication speed of up to 12 Mbps, it adds the ability to hot plug the printer to the host. More Info

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  • ELPAP03, 802.11 a/b/g, White

    £83.03 £99.63 Inc VAT.

    Adapter - ELPAP03 Wireless LAN a / b / g- Epson EB-1915- Epson EB-1925W- Epson EB-440W w / o setting plate- Epson EB-450Wi [240v]- Epson EB-455Wi- Epson EB-455Wi [240v] with Educ Lamp Warranty- Epson EB-460 [240v]- Epson EB-460i [240v]- Epson EB-465i- Epson EB-465i [240v] Educ Lamp Warranty- Epson EB-G5450WU- Epson EB-G5650W- Epson EB-G5650WNL- Epson EB-G5750WU- Epson EB-G5750WUNL- Epson EB-G5950- Epson EB-G5950NL- Epson EB-Z8050W- Epson EB-Z8050WNL More Info

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