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PoE Adapters & Injectors

PoE Adapters & Injectors

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  • PoE Injektor - IEEE 802.3, 802.3u, 802.3af, CSMA/CD, TCP/IP

    £23.48 £28.17 Inc VAT.

    The PoE Injector TL-POE150S fully complies with IEEE 802.3af standard, and can work with all IEEE 802.3af PoE compliant PDs (Powered Devices) or PoE Receiver Adapters, such as TP-LINK’s TL-POE10R, or other equivalent product, to expand your network to where there are no power line or outlet, where you wish to fix device such as AP, IP Camera or IP Phone, etc. More Info

  • Gigabit Injector - Power injector

    £23.11 £27.74 Inc VAT.

    - PoE/PoE+ compatible- For Gigabit and Fast Ethernet connections More Info

  • Single Port High Power IEEE 802.3at Power-over-Ethernet Injector, 1000Mbps, 30W

    £51.92 £62.30 Inc VAT.

    The ZyXEL PoE12 Series is a PoE injector designed to support the increasing power demands of the latest-generation N wireless Access Points (APs) as well as the pan, tilt or zoom functions of IP surveillance cameras. The PoE12 Series consists of two models: PoE-12 and PoE12-HP. The PoE-12 and PoE12-HP are single-port PoE injectors that deliver both power and data to other PoE devices via a single CAT-5 Ethernet cable without extra power supply. The PoE-12 enables 100Mbps data transmissions and provides power up to 15.4W, while the PoE12-HP... More Info

  • POE+/POE, 2 x Gigabit Ethernet RJ-45, 30W/Port

    £39.07 £46.89 Inc VAT.

    Supplies power to all IEEE 802.3at (PoE+) and IEEE 802.3af (PoE) compliant PoE devices (including wireless access points, VoIP phones, and IP cameras). More Info

  • T8129 PoE Extender

    £143.37 £172.05 Inc VAT.

    Ethernet has a limited cable length between the switch and the camera of 100m (328 ft.). When needed to cover a longer distance, a switch is normally used as a repeater, or optical fiber may be used.To overcome this distance limit, network installers can simply connect an AXIS T8129 PoE Extender in-line with the Cat-5e or Cat-6 cable, and forward the rest to the camera. Dependent on midspan and camera type, the connection in total can be between 200-400 meters (656-1312 ft.).CompatibilityAXIS T8129 PoE Extender is compatible with all Axis... More Info

  • Aironet 1520 Series Power Injector

    £153.42 £184.10 Inc VAT.

    Cisco Aironet 1520 Series Power Injector. More Info

  • 1 x RJ-45 Port, 10/100/1000 Mbps, 802.3af, 200g

    £34.85 £41.82 Inc VAT.

    PowerDsine's 3501G Power over Ethernet (PoE) single port Midspan (PoE injector) offers a compact and cost effective, fully IEEE 802.3af compliant solution for IP phones, WLAN access points, network cameras and other IP terminal installations.The 3501G PoE midspan offers compact, affordable and reliable power over standard Ethernet cables, leaving network infrastructure completely unaltered.With the midspan's plug-and-play installation, they are easily and cost effectively implemented leveraging an existing Ethernet infrastructure while at... More Info

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  • 10/100 PoE Power over Ethernet-Splitter 5 V/12 V

    £41.22 £49.46 Inc VAT.

    Connect and power standard, non-PoE peripherals over a Power over Ethernet cableThe POESPLT100 10/100 Mbps PoE Power over Ethernet Splitter with 5-12V Output separates the data and power connections received from your Power Sourcing Equipment(PSE) such as a single port PoE injector or a PoE Switch. At the remote end of your PoE connection, the POESPLT100 gives you a standard DC jack with selectable 5, 7.5, 9 or 12V output and separates the Ethernet data connection allowing you to take advantage of Power over Ethernet infrastructure, and use... More Info

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  • POE Injector

    £71.71 £86.05 Inc VAT.

    The PoE Injector allows a PoE enabled NetBotz appliance to be used with a non-PoE ethernet switch.Includes: Country-specific detachable power cord More Info

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  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) Injector, IEEE 802.3af, 1-Port, 48V, black

    £20.13 £24.16 Inc VAT.

    - Ideal when AC power is not available- Full-power Class 3 PoE design- Power output of up to 15.4 Watts- Supports all IEEE 802.3af-compliant PoE devices (Wireless LAN access points and bridges, VoIP (Voice over - Internet Protocol) telephones, IP surveillance cameras)- Supports IEEE 802.3af detection and short circuit, overload and high-voltage protection More Info

  • HDMI-VGA + 3.5, M/F, 203mm

    £41.97 £50.36 Inc VAT.

    This adapter converter dongle is an ideal solution for connecting the audio/video output of a HDMI-enabled laptop to a VGA display and set of speakers. The dongle design of this adapter converter does not cause the stress on the port of a small laptop that is common when using a box style adapter. Up to a 1920x1080 video resolution is supported, allowing this adapter converter to meet the needs of a high performance application. Connect this adapter directly to the output of a laptop and use a VGA and Stereo Audio cable to connect to a display. More Info

  • Indoor Passive PoE to 802.3af Adapters

    £71,505.93 £85,807.11 Inc VAT.

    Instant 802.3af Adapters transform passive PoE devices into 802.3af-compliant products.Ubiquiti CompatibilityInstant 802.3af Adapters allow most Ubiquiti devices to be powered by an 802.3af switch.Remote Power ControlInstant 802.3af Adapters work with 802.3af switches so you can conveniently powercycle your remote devices.Longer Cable RunsInstant 802.3af Adapters deliver power more efficiently, enabling longer cable runs.ESD/Surge ProtectionInstant 802.3af Adapters provide an additional ±15kV of Ethernet isolation to lessen the risk of ESD... More Info

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