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  • Fiber Checker - Pocket Fault Locator

    This visual fault locator gives a continuous or pulse of red light.

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    Refraction of the 650nm red light caused by any breaks and or cracks in the fiber will glow red, thus giving an exact visual location of the fault in the fiber. Features: 2.5mm Adapter built into unit(ST, SC, FC connector) 1.25mm adapter availabe to purchase seperatly (this adapter is shown in picture) Robust and handy design Dust-free cup to protect LD Continuous/Pulse mode options  Emitting LD 650 nm visible red light Low voltage battery warning signal in led More Info

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  • Fluke VISIFAULT Visual Faul Locator

    Visual fault locator cable continuity tester locates fibers, finds faults, verifies...

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    Locates visual faults including tight bends, breaks and bad connectors Accelerates end-to-end fiber checks Easily verifies polarity and identifies fibers Features continuous and flashing modes Ergonomic case survives drops, impacts and vibrations Supports 2.5 mm and 1.25 mm SFF connectors Over 80 hours of battery life with two AA batteriesIn today's fast-paced workplace maximizing productivity is essential. Whether installing new fiber links or troubleshooting an existing network, the faster you can locate a problem, the faster you can fix... More Info

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  • Fluke 26500000 TS100 Cable Fault Finder

    TS100 Cable Fault Finder

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    This easy-to-use, competitively priced tester is three tools in one—a cable fault locator, a cable & wire manager and a tone generator with SmartTone™ technology. From just ONE END of any two or more conductor cable you can measure up to 3,000 feet (915 meters). The TS 100 cable fault locator lets you easily find the distance to opens or shorts on electrical wire, telephone wire, security wire and coax. Results appear as a distance reading rather than a waveform, so it's perfect for technicians unfamiliar with Time Domain Reflectometery... More Info

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