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Dialogic Network Cards & Adapters

Dialogic Network Cards & Adapters

Inside Dialogic Network Cards & Adapters

  • Dialogic DIVA V-4PRI/E1/T1-120

    Diva V-4PRI/E1/T1-120, PCI-E FS, 96-/120-Port, UM/Fax, Modem, Fax, VoIP

    £10,207.96 £12,249.55 Inc VAT.

    The Dialogic® Diva® V-1PRI ("Diva V-1PRI"), Dialogic® Diva® V-2PRI ("Diva V-2PRI"), Dialogic® Diva® V-4PRI ("Diva V-4PRI") and Dialogic® Diva® V-8PRI ("Diva V-8PRI") boards are exceptionally powerful PC-based telephony boards that provide rich media processing capabilities for up to 30/60/120/240 voice channels over E1 interfaces or up to 24/48/96/192 voice channels over T1 interfaces. They are an excellent choice for enterprises and service providers looking for a large-size unified messaging, analog modem, POS, RAS, fax, voice, speech,... More Info

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