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Amazing support with a lovely lady on the Phone. I have been setting up a home network and had a few queries about Ethernet Cable (specifically CAT6 Cable) and some of the factors of this cable and making sure it was a solid copper core conductor as opposed to PVC which is poorer by comparison. I decided to ring up and spoke to a lovely lady on the phone who was able to resolve every single one of my queries without fault. We spoke about Ethernet Cabling, then some Ethernet Switches and how I might go about Rack Mounting these Switches, then we spoke about Rack Mount Cabinet Cases and she took the time to go through what the U Sizes meant (1U, 2U, 4U, 9U etc.) and even helped me find a shelf that would fit into the Rack Mount Cabinet. I even got a discount code!Superb Service, I am absolutely amazed by the wonderful, kind, caring and detailed service that I received by this colleague, she is a Star!! I will 100% be Returning to CableMonkey in the near future to purchase more equipment, such as cabling, racks, and adapters! :-D
11 hours ago
Easy simple transaction, delivery was very fast and quality products, just the job, just one note, the network cable was a nice purple colour which is easily identifiable but it maybe not to everyones taste.
11 hours ago
Supplied what I needed, quickly and at the right price..

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Cat6 Networking

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Cat6 is the standardised specification for Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000) communications. Cat6 has more stringent specifications for crosstalk and system noise but is backward compatible with Cat5 & Cat5e. Our Cat6 solutions at Cablemonkey include a full range of Patch Cables, Patch Panels and Wall Outlets

Inside Cat6 Networking

  • Cat6 Accessories

    Our range of Cat6 cabling accessories will provide you with everything you need to help you finish off your cat6 installation.

  • Cat6 Bulk Cable

    Cat6 cable is designed for use in high speed gigabit networks. Our range of cat6 is available in both 305mt easy pull boxes and on convenient 100mt drums for smaller installations to save money and wastage

  • Cat6 Cabling Kits

    Our cat6 cabling installation kits have been designed to give you everything you need to make sure your cat6 installation goes smoothly. Our cat6 kits can be configured to meet your requirements, so are perfect whether your cat6 installation is a couple of points or a complete enterprise fit out.

  • Cat6 Connectix Express System

    The Cat6 Connectix Express System has been designed to offer the easiest and quickest method of installing Copper links. With more and more installation jobs becoming time critical, minimising on-site termination time has never been more crucial.

  • Cat6 Modules & Outlets

    We hold stock of a huge range of Cat6 RJ45 modules, outlets and accessories for the desk end of your cat6 installation. Like all out Cat6 solutions, they have been tested to conform and exceed all the required standards for Cat6 Networks

  • Cat6 Patch Panels

    Enabling your company to communicate efficiently at high speed requires a high quality Cat6 Patch Panel. All our Cat6 Panels have been designed and tested to exceed the performance standards required by Category 6 structured cabling systems

  • Cat6 RJ45 Patch Leads

    Cat6 RJ45 Patch Leads are typically used to patch between a switch and patch panel, or the wall outlet and computer. Our range of high quality individually tested Cat6 RJ45 cables are available in a wide range of colours and lengths to suit every application. As the networking specialist, we stock our Cat6 Leads in various specifications sheaths and in UTP and FTP variations

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  • Cat6 UTP Solid Core PVC Cable supplied on 100mt reel or 305m Boxes

    £36.00 £43.20 Inc VAT.

    Category 6 unshielded twisted pair cable is designed for use in next generation data communications networks, and will comfortably support all present applications including Gigabit Ethernet. Connectix Category 6 UTP Solid Cable offers the performance characteristics required by the ever present Category 6 Standard. When used in conjunction with Connectix Category 6 Modules and Patch Panels the user will get a link performance exceeding Category 6 Specification requirements. Cat6 UTP PVC Cable Details: Features: Category 6 performance... More Info

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  • Euromod 25x50mm Single module for use in Faceplates

    £2.50 £3.00 Inc VAT.

    The Connectix Category 6 Compact Module is designed to provide one of the shallowest wall outlets on the market. They are the ideal solution wherever back-box depth is a problem. The attractive high gloss finish and easy to use labelling system is identical to all other Connectix Cabling Systems Modules, making them interchangeable in most applications. Category 6 compact modules can be fitted into single or dual gang Euro faceplates and can be combined with quarter blanks and/or voice modules to provide the required configuration. Connectix... More Info

  • Snagless boot style Cat6 RJ45 Patch Lead with latch protection & LSOH outer sheath

    £3.75 £4.50 Inc VAT.

    Connectix Cat6 UTP Patch Leads are designed to exceed the performance requirements of the Category 6 Specification. The low flammability, low smoke production and zero halogen sheath make these patch leads the ideal choice in public buildings and other fire sensitive areas. Connectix Patch Leads are made from Cat6 stranded cable and are terminated using high performance modular plugs. There are a variety of leads in lengths from 0.5 to 15 metres in stock as well as a number of different colours. Details:// Features:Conforms to... More Info

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  • Extra long Booted Cat6 Patch Leads - Available from 30mt to 90mt

    £20.31 £24.37 Inc VAT.

    Connectix Cabling System Long RJ45 Patch leads are available in lengths from 30mt to 90mt. These RJ45 leads are made to order using high quality Cat6 connectors and grey solid Cat6 UTP Cable. Each patch cable is individually tested and bagged to ensure quality and performance. Features: Each lead is individually bagged & QA tested  Plugs conform to ISO8877 More Info

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  • 19" Cable Management Bar with Horizontal and Vertical Cable Rings

    £7.50 £9.00 Inc VAT.

    19" Cable Tidy, suitable for mounting on all 19" data cabinets and server racks, allowing cables to be neatly routed. The vertical cable rings create an ideal bend radius for the cables and greatly assists keeping the rack neat.These Cable Management Panels are designed to give extra support for patch leads and prevents obscurring other equipment. These Panels are designed to prevent cable strain. Makes installation neater and more professional More Info

  • Fits Euro Size faceplate. 25mm x 50mm

    £0.16 £0.19 Inc VAT.

    Designed to take the place of a euro style module, the half blank simply clips into any euro sized faceplate. More Info

  • Faceplaces for LJ6C Modules

    £0.77 £0.92 Inc VAT.

    Available in 1 way and 2 way ing singlegang and 4 way in Dualgang High gloss finish matches with all other faceplates in the CCS range Please note: these faceplates are supplied unloaded. Modules to fit can be found here More Info

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  • Metal Faceplates pre-loaded 1 Cat6 UTP Module available in 7 finishes

    £8.10 £9.72 Inc VAT.

    Single gang metal faceplate loaded with one Cat6 module Fit perfectly onto standard size single gang back boxes Ideal for installing into situations where matching the surrounding décor is important.Module DetailsCategory 6 modules provide the performance needed for present and next generation data communications networks and applications, including Gigabit Ethernet. The use of next generation components and specially designed boards allow a bandwidth of 250MHz to be achieved. Connectix Category 6 Modules are fully compliant... More Info

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  • Cat6 Desk Pod with options for 4 outlets

    £34.00 £40.80 Inc VAT.

    The 4 desktop pod is a convenient high density desk outlet. Incorporating industry standard IDC connections in a robust steel  enclosure. This unit is suitable for a multitude of applications, including underfloor transition points. More Info

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  • Kit Includes Cable, Punchdown Tool, Tester, Cable Stripper & Cable Ties

    £108.55 £130.26 Inc VAT.

    This kit supplies all the products required to get an stuctured cabling system installation on the go!Kit Consists of: 1 x either 100m reel or 305m box Cat6 Solid PVC Cable (please select) 1 x IDC Punchdown Tool 1 x Cable Stripper 1 x Continuity Tester 1 x Cable ties (2.5mm x 100mm pk100) Choose the length of cable your require from drop down lis More Info

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  • Cat6 Patch Core Cable available in 8 colours, supplied on 500mt reels

    £199.00 £238.80 Inc VAT.

    Connectix Enhanced Category 6 UTP Patch Cable is designed for high speed LANs including Gigabit Ethernet applications. This cable is extremely flexible and ideal for making Cat6 RJ45 Patch Leads. Supplied on a 500mt reel. Features: Suitable for Gigabit Ethernet applications PVC outer sheath Supplied metre marked in Reelex boxes for easy installation Stranded copper cores highly flexible More Info

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  • Short boot style Cat6 RJ45 Patch Lead without latch protection

    £3.75 £4.50 Inc VAT.

    This range of RJ45 Cat6 Patch Leads are manufactured to exceed all current enhanced Cat6 specifications. Each patch cable is individually tested and bagged to ensure quality and performance. Manufactured with a moulded style boot which provides strain relief and prevents the cable becoming loose from the plug. For ease of installation the boot on each RJ45 lead doesn’t provide latch protection and is suitable for use in high density installations. This range of Cat6 Patch Leads is available in 9 colours and lengths from 0.3m to 20mt from... More Info

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