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  • TP-LINK 6 Meters Low-loss Antenna Extension Cable

    TL-ANT24EC6N, 6m, M/FM, Black

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    What happens when your wireless signal is too weak to connect to an access point in another building and you want to better position your wireless antenna in a higher or wider place to get a better signal?The antenna extension cable is the answer to your problems. There is no need to move your access point or wireless router, which may sometimes be immovable, from place to place. With the several kind of low-loss extension cable, you will have more flexibility to move your antenna in order to maximize your wireless performance.Features-... More Info

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Rapid response, the cable did exactly what it said it would.
1 day ago
Good service as described. Excellent value. Will definitely use again.
2 days ago
Great product, delivered quickly. Wired up my house with Ethernet with the external cat6 cable , faceplates and the push down kit with the wire stripper and push down tool.
3 days ago
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