LinkRunner AT 2000-KIT Network Auto-Tester

Network technicians and desktop support professionals are under everincreasing pressure to deploy new infrastructure and ensure user satisfaction.

To address these challenges, LinkRunner™ AT Network Auto-Tester provides quick and complete copper and fiber-optic network connectivity testing. This rugged, handheld network tester speeds troubleshooting and reporting with a complete one-button AutoTest and zero-touch Link-Live cloud reporting. The AutoTest performs your required set of connectivity tests in 10 seconds, enabling you to quickly and accurately identify and solve network connectivity problems. Cloud reporting automatically uploads results to the Link-Live Cloud Service for project management and reporting.

The LinkRunner AT provides the answers you need to quickly troubleshoot connectivity problems:

  • Am I following the best troubleshooting practice?
  • Is this patch cable good? Where is the cable broken?
  • Where does the cable from this jack terminate?
  • Is this the correct switch and port? Is it delivering PoE power?
  • What is the speed and duplex of my copper and fiber links?

In seconds, the LinkRunner AutoTest provides these answers and more on a brightly colored display that's easy to read under desks or outdoors. You can document your test results to prove the job's done right. With a six-hour battery life and rugged design, the LinkRunner AT Network Auto-Tester can work wherever and whenever you need it.

LinkRunner AT Features

Instant-on operation — ready to run your first test in less than three seconds.

Get answers fast — user-defined AutoTest performs your required set of connectivity tests in seconds, enabling you to accurately and quickly identify and solve network problems. The AutoTest facilitates standardized troubleshooting by ensuring that everyone on the support team tests in accordance with the organization-defined, network-specific best practice. Create up to 10 AutoTest profiles for a variety of troubleshooting scenarios.

Take control — use the Link-Live Cloud Service to manage thousands of test results and multiple testers. Easily view and sort results. Organize results by job-specific folders. Tag individual results with detailed comments and images. Create professional reports customized with your logo and project specific information. Know who on your staff is testing what, where and when by assigning a tester to a technician.

Verify connectivity at 10/100/1G over copper or 100/1G over fiber — connect using copper or fiber, turn it on to see link status, connection type, signal strength and traffic.

Nearest switch and VLAN information — uses IEEE Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) plus the Cisco® and Extreme Discovery Protocols (CDP and EDP) to display the VLAN and nearest switch model, slot and port.

TruePower™ PoE testing — quickly validate PoE performance by drawing actual power up to the 802.3at standard 25.5W. Load the circuit to stress switches, cabling and patch panels, all while measuring the voltage and pairs being used. The ability to validate the TruePower delivery before installing cameras, AP's and phones ensures smooth deployment.

802.1X authentication — verify access to secure networks using 802.1X and MAC Access Control Lists (ACL). The included LinkRunner AT Manager software configures 802.1X EAP type, downloads certificates and enters passwords.

Cable verification and toning — check patch cables using the built-in wiremap port including pin-to-pin connection, or installed wiring for length, shorts, opens or split pairs. The optional office locator kit allows identification of up to six unique ports for documenting cable plants.

IPv4/IPv6 ready — supports both IPv4 and IPv6 networks.

Key device and application availability — in addition to ping, which is often blocked or disabled, the LinkRunner AT performs a TCP port open test to verify application connectivity to up to 10 user-defined servers using IPv4 and IPv6. Router, DNS and DHCP servers are reported.

Document results — Save test results locally on the tester or select the Link-Live Reporting Mode to have results automatically uploaded to the Link-Live Cloud Service. Results on the tester are downloaded to your PC and managed locally using the LinkRunner AT Manager PC application. Results uploaded to the cloud service are managed using any smart device with a browser and an internet connection.

Designed for field use — six-hour Li-ion battery life, one-handed operation and a rugged design.

Link-Live Cloud Service

Once the LinkRunner AT is connected to the Link-Live Cloud service, basic network connectivity test results are automatically uploaded to the dashboard for project management and reporting. This internet-hosted service is available from anywhere at any time using any device with a browser and internet connection. It is especially useful for managers of remote teams that need visibility to test results instantly. In addition, teams that utilize companions to the LinkRunner AT such as the LinkSprinter, AirCheck G2, or OneTouch AT have a single dashboard system to manage results from network connectivity tests.

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LinkRunner AT 2000-KIT Network Auto-Tester

LinkRunner LRAT-2000 Kit


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